Kathy Nordmeyer

What inspires your love of music?

A number of years ago, I ran across a quote by Berthold Auerbach that resonated with me: “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” It doesn’t matter what has transpired during the day, I know I will be rejuvenated just by listening to or playing a piece of music. I grew up all over the world and when I reflect back on the experiences, I recognize that we may have spoken different languages, but the universal language of music transcended all of our differences. I remember as a child listening to a pianist play one of Beethoven’s piano sonatas and being immediately struck by a longing to be able to make and share music like that myself. That music resonated deep in my soul and captured me. It led me to begin piano lessons, study music in college and graduate school, and begin a teaching career. While I no longer teach music, I’m still actively engaged in making and listening to music — my life wouldn’t be complete without it.

What initially drew you to the CSO?

When I moved to Chicago, I was excited by the opportunity to hear live one of the orchestras that before I had heard only in recordings. Attending concerts and hearing and seeing the incredible music that this world-class orchestra shares renews me; it is like musical nourishment.

Why do you feel it’s important to support the CSOA as a member of the Theodore Thomas Society?

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is a more than an essential cultural treasure for our city. It brings life to any of us who attend concerts and is a critical resource for young people all over the Chicago area, who benefit from the outreach of the Negaunee Music Institute. I am so glad that I am able to help ensure that musicians can engage, move and thrill listeners in the future by donating every year and including the CSO in my estate plans.

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Chair of the CSOA Board of Trustees & the Theodore Thomas Society
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