Sempre Always Campaign

SEMPRE ALWAYS: The Campaign for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Advancing a long and vibrant tradition of musical excellence, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association is taking bold and necessary steps toward a bright future, setting the stage for continued and unparalleled musical accomplishment. Achieving these ideals calls for philanthropic support from those who believe deeply in the future of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

SEMPRE ALWAYS: The Campaign for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is a $175 million fundraising effort that will advance our preeminent role as a cultural icon showcasing musical brilliance, leadership and innovation. Your support will help ensure success, now and always.

Thus far, $112 million has been raised, representing 64% towards our goal:


Your contributions will support four priorities:

  1. Achieving Financial Sustainability
  2. Sustaining Musical Excellence
  3. Expanding Education and Community Engagement
  4. Strengthening Chicago’s Cultural Fabric
Ways to Give

You can curate a gift unique in size, timeline, structure and purpose. Make a gift to be fulfilled in one convenient payment or use installments over a term of several years. Consider the tax advantages of giving appreciated securities or a charitable distribution from your IRA.

Campaign Commitments