Beyond the Score®: The Stories Behind the Music

What Inspires the Creation of a Great Piece of Music?

Journey into the heart of the music with Beyond the Score®. Live actors, musical examples, and breathtaking projections set the basis for this comprehensive multimedia experience that brings the listener through a lively historic context, revealing illuminating stories, intriguing perspectives and thoughtful insights within a musical score.

For classical-music newcomers as well as longtime aficionados, each Beyond the Score® presentation is a dramatic exploration of a composer’s music. Through the use of live actors, stunning visual projections and virtuosic fragments of music,, the compelling story of the composer’s life and art unfolds, illuminating the world that shaped the music’s creation. Under the leadership of the series’ creative director Gerard McBurney, each presentation weaves together theater, music and design to draw audiences into the music and subsequently into a work’s spirit.

Beyond the Score® was quickly recognized by orchestras in the United States and abroad; and is available to license in your community. 

Over 20 Projects Available for Leasing

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