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Connections Through Timeless Music

The CSO Latino Alliance is a liaison and partner that connects the CSO with Chicago’s diverse community by creating awareness, sharing insights and building relationships for generations to come. The group encourages individuals and their families to discover and experience timeless music with other enthusiasts in concerts, receptions and educational events.

Latino Alliance members enjoy access to exclusive special events and ticket offers. See below for details.

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Monsieur Periné creates its own Latin-tinged cocktail of world music
Though based in Colombia, the Latin group Monsieur Periné believes in blending cultures. "We don’t like our music to be put in a category," says lead singer Catalina García, "because all the time, it’s mixing and evolving.” 
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Bagpipe virtuoso Cristina Pato continues a family tradition
Though once nicknamed “the Jimi Hendrix of the bagpipes,” Cristina Pato always has taken a female focus. "Everything I have become is because they [her mother and sisters] were there before me."
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