Global Perspectives

Nov 4, 2023


Together with guest conductor François López-Ferrer, members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra embark on a musical journey around the world. Experience how orchestral music celebrates the extraordinary diversity of people, cultures and places across the globe, from Europe to the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia and beyond! 

Enrich your child's life and instill a lasting love of music with these one-of-a-kind concerts perfect for ages 5-12, featuring fun and engaging kid-friendly programs performed by members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


Symphony No. 1


Suite No. 1 from Peer Gynt


D'un matin de printemps


Three Film Scores


Shepherd's Hey (from British Folk Music Settings)


Kutimbua Kivumbi (Stomp the Dust!)


Hoe-Down from Rodeo


Variaciones Concertantes


Tritsch-Tratsch / Triqui-Traqui


Pre- and postconcert activities at Symphony Center

From 11:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Family Matinee attendees have access to an array of free Orchestra Explorer Activities located on floors 1-5 of the Symphony Center Rotunda:

  • 1st floor - Go on a scavenger hunt and listen to a woodwind quartet from The People’s Music School
  • 2nd floor - Try out musical instruments at an instrument petting zoo
  • 3rd floor - Learn a group dance
  • 4th floor - Make your own tambourine craft
  • 5th floor - Mini-Maestros conducting activity with the Civic Orchestra brass quintet

To access the Rotunda, enter Symphony Center at 67 E. Adams St. and walk straight back. From the Michigan Avenue lobby, walk down the Arcade Hallway to the right of the box office until you reach the Rotunda.

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Plan Your Day Downtown

Make an afternoon of your visit to Symphony Center with this easy-to-use guide, including parking and dining deals and fun postconcert activities.


Support for Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association programming for children and families is provided by Abbott Fund, John D. and Leslie Henner Burns, John Hart and Carol Prins, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Kinder Morgan, The Negaunee Foundation, PNC, Courtney Shea, Megan and Steve Shebik, Michael and Linda Simon, the Walter and Caroline Sueske Charitable Trust and an anonymous family foundation.

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