Davin Youngs

In the long-standing tradition of sound as a modality for healing, Davin Youngs stands out as a true musical innovator. He is a master of sonic enlightenment — mixing beats, electronic loops, gongs, tuning forks, crystal bowls and his own voice to create soundscapes that will take you on a transformative journey into the far reaches of your mind.

His one-of-a-kind, ambient-electro-accoustic-sound healing concerts are heavily influenced by his passions for singing and meditation. By staying present in his body, Davin is able to amplify his voice, layering the perfect harmonies for awakening.Even in a space full of other listeners, you’ll feel certain that each note is being sung just to you.

From the Ace Hotel Chicago rooftop to Arcosanti in the Arizona desert, Davin carefully crafts immersive sonic landscapes. Once he starts singing, you’ll be convinced other musicians have joined in because each additional note sounds as if it’s coming from a different direction. It can’t be possible that just one person is making this happen… but it is.

Every Davin Youngs performance is an experience in itself. You’ll leave the venue feeling different, reminded that the universe is sound and so are you.

This is music that tucks you in to wake you up.

Davin’s immersive sound healing experiences appeal to a variety of audiences and are often created in unexpected spaces like Robey Hotel Chicago, Garfield Park Conservatory Chicago, Apple Store on Michigan Avenue Chicago, Sedona Yoga Festival, Ahimsa Yoga Festival, A Mindful Society Toronto, Coca-Cola CMO Summit Nashville, Macy’s State Street Chicago, Honcho Campout Pennsylvania, Heal Haus Brooklyn, Maha Rose Brooklyn, Chill Chicago, Sat Nam Chicago, Universal Standard show room Chicago and Scratch Goods Chicago.

In addition to performing, Davin is a private voice coach with over 20 years of experience. As a Somatic Voicework™ teacher, Davin offers private coaching and group singing experiences that illuminate the healing and transformational power of singing, voice and sound.