Susanna Gaunt

Susanna Gaunt joined the Chicago Symphony Orchestra horn section in January 2006.

Just before joining the CSO, Gaunt performed regularly with the San Francisco Symphony, LucasArts Productions (recording movie soundtracks), the California Symphony and the Santa Rosa Symphony. She has held various positions in other orchestras across the country, including third horn in the San Diego Symphony, third/associate principal horn in the San Antonio Symphony, and both third and fourth horn in the North Carolina Symphony. Gaunt also has been a member of the San Diego Chamber Orchestra and the New World Symphony. In addition, she has performed and recorded with the Boston Symphony Orchestra

Gaunt has performed at various music festivals, including Napa Valley’s Music in the Vineyards Festival, the Pacific Music Festival and the Tanglewood Music Festival.

A native of New England, Gaunt completed a bachelor of music degree in 1992 at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where her principal teachers were Richard Sebring, Norman Bolter and Richard Mackey. Her primary mentor and inspiration is former teacher Nedo Pandolfi.

Along with music, Gaunt has a variety of other interests, including cooking, hiking, gardening and running. She lives in River Forest with her husband, Matthew Gaunt, a tuba player, and their two children.

February 2023