Soundpost: AlgoRHYTHMS — How automation, innovation and computing will shape the future of sound

June 11, 2022


What happens when the way we produce and understand sound changes?

Technology is constantly evolving, and because of it, how we understand one another and the world also has to evolve alongside it. At Soundpost: AlgoRHYTHMS, Visda Goudarzi, assistant professor of audio arts and acoustics at Columbia College Chicago, will walk us through how technology is being used as a tool to push the boundaries of sound by producing not only novel sounds but also innovative works of music. We’ll find out how the ability to create previously impossible sounds and the capacity to apply automation technologies to composing and performing opens an entirely new realm of exploration in the pursuit of music.

  • Doors: 5:30 PM
  • Participatory Performance: immerse in the lake 2.0, 6:00 PM
  • Presentation: 6:15 PM
  • Concert: 8:00 PM

About the performance: immerse in the lake 2.0 is a remote live-coding experience for two laptop performers located on two different continents. The performance is based on the processing of sound by crowdsourced and personal site-specific field recordings made throughout Chicago. Audience members also may interact with the piece live visually and sonically on their mobile devices. The piece is a real-time improvisation and a free interpretation of John Cage’s A Dip in the Lake.

Price Range: Soundpost tickets, $20

Each Soundpost ticket covers specially priced drinks, complimentary bites and dynamic programming. Expand your experience and attend the evening’s CSO concert after Soundpost for an additional $15!

Associated Concert — Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Tchaikovsky Romeo & Juliet

On the panel
Visda Goudarzi
Assistant Professor of Audio Arts and Acoustics at Columbia College Chicago
Experimental Electronic Music Producer and Researcher

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