Civic Chamber Concert: Perspectives on Flow

Dec 12, 2021
Civic Chamber concert in Buntrock


From Kevin Day’s The Mind Is Like Water to Missy Mazzoli’s The Sound of the Light, the composers on this program are reflecting on things that flow — sometimes explosively, as in Kenji Bunch’s Boiling Point or Stephen Feigenbaum’s Krakatoa, and sometimes metaphorically, as in the Mazzoli work or in Jessie Montgomery’s Duo for Violin and Cello, which takes friendship as its inspiration. Emerging from a time when the flow of life has been disrupted, the Civic Fellows consider what it means for things to flow freely — and also what it means for them to stop. The evening concludes with Luis Fernando Amaya’s chilling Red Ink, Black Ink, which pushes us to conceive of an entire cultural exchange that has been disrupted.

Note Location: Buntrock Hall at Symphony Center


Boiling Point


Duo for Violin and Cello


The Sound of the Light


The Mind is Like Water




Tinta Roja, Tinta Negra (Red Ink, Black Ink)

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