Open Rehearsal

Education Open Rehearsal Request

By filling out the Education Open Rehearsal Request Form, you agree that you are registering a group of high school music students and will accompany them as their chaperone.

Seating is General Admission. We are not able to accommodate specific seating requests.

Limit of 100 per group

Please specify how many people can transfer from wheelchairs to regular seating, with assistance.

Wheelchair requests are not confirmed until the reservation has been approved.

Recommended arrival time is at least 20 minutes prior to start of the rehearsal.
Orchestra Hall doors open no earlier than 30 minutes before the rehearsal.
Please refrain from talking or applause during the rehearsal.

No food or drink is permitted inside the concert hall.

A group ticket will be emailed one week before the rehearsal.

QUESTIONS? Call: (312) 294-3400; Email Rachael Cohen

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