The Mexican Folkloric Dance Company of Chicago

Founded in 1982 by Master Maestro Jose L. Ovalle, The Mexican Folkloric Dance Company is the oldest Mexican Folkloric troupe in Chicago. The group showcases the richness of Mexican culture and heritage through festive dancing, diverse musical melodies and breath taking costumes. Suites reflect pre-Columbian indigenous, Spanish Colonialism, French Intervention, other European and Eastern cultures, Caribbean, Southwestern United States and the 1910 Mexican Revolution. The mixture of all these elements served to develop the present dance and music culture that is “Just Mexican” and unique. Performances are fast-paced and non-stop with many quick costume changes.

Since 1983 MFDC has received 366 Awards, Grants and Recognitions and has toured nationally and internationally in Mexico (1988) and Ireland (2007 and 2009).

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