interMISSION @ the CSO, Episode 2, Second Thoughts

James Smelser believes the most important skill is "how to listen, the value of listening and the hardest thing is how to improve that."

© Todd Rosenberg Photography

James Smelser, a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's horn section since 2000, shares what many years of experience have taught him about playing second horn parts to maintain the high musical expectations of the CSO. He recalls fond memories of playing for 13 years next to the orchestra’s former principal horn, Dale Clevenger, and describes the role he now also occupies as the chairman of the CSO Members Committee.

If you’ve listened to this podcast episode and enjoyed the music of the CSO, but wondered about which recordings were used, the chart below reveals chronologically within the episode where each recording is heard.

Also, if you would like to listen to those recordings in their entirety, a Spotify playlist follows the chart, allowing you to access the tracks directly. Thanks for listening.

Podcast Start Time Composer Title Conductor
:00 Mahler Symphony No. 1, 1st mvmt. Haitink
:30 Dvořák Symphony No. 9 (New World), 4th mvmt. Reiner
1:12 Mahler Symphony No. 6, 4th mvmt. Haitink
2:16 Beethoven Symphony No. 3 (Eroica), 3rd mvmt. Solti
4:23 Schubert Symphony No. 9, 4th mvmt. Giulini
5:18 Stravinsky The Rite of Spring: Introduction Ozawa
5:54 Bruckner Symphony 9, 1st mvmt. Barenboim
6:20 Beethoven Fidelio: Overture Solti
7:56 Mahler Symphony No. 5, 5th mvmt. Solti
8:48 Beethoven Symphony No. 5, 3rd mvmt. Solti
9:10 Stravinsky The Firebird, No. 13 Boulez
10:35 Stravinsky The Firebird, No. 13 Boulez
11:13 Ravel Alborada del gracioso Reiner
13:30 Mahler Symphony No. 5, 3rd mvmt. Solti
14:00 Mahler Symphony No. 5, 5th mvmt. Solti
14:56 Beethoven Symphony No. 7, 3rd mvmt. Solti
15:53 Mahler Symphony No. 3, 3rd mvnt. Haitink
16:59 Mahler Symphony No. 7, 5th mvmt. Abbado
19:20 Mahler Symphony No. 1, 2nd mvmt. Haitink
20:19 Liszt Les Préludes Solti
20:37 Dvořák  Symphony No. 8, 1st mvmt. Giulini
21:17 Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, 3rd mvmt. Abbado