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To request tickets for all CSO Education Concerts, please download, print and mail, email or fax our 2014/15 Ticket Order Form.

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Designed for students grades K-3 and students of all ages with special needs, School Concerts introduce students to the symphony orchestra and the magical world of music.

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Carnival of Animals
  • 10:15 AM & 12:00 PM

Program to include:

Overture to The Marriage of Figaro
Dance of the Firebird from The Firebird (1919)
Excerpts from Romanian Folk Dances
Carnival of the Animals


Members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Vladimir Kulenovic


What instruments would you choose to create the sound of a massive elephant lumbering across the Sahara, an elegant swan or a school of fish swimming with the current? Discover how members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra can conjure a zoo full of characters in this concert featuring Saint-Saëns’ popular Carnival of the Animals.

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Tchaikovsky Spectacular
  • 10:15 AM & 12:00 PM