China Rises

Mar 4

2:00 PM

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Using ancient instruments and musical traditions, Chinese composers connect the past to the contemporary. Tibetan goddess Tara, able to manifest in a rainbow of colors, comes alive in green, gold, blue, red and white in Emanations of Tara. Zhou Long's The Five Elements represents Chinese philosophies ruled by earth, fire, water, metal and wood. Stay after the concert to learn more about Chinese history as told through its Bronze Age culture.


Sheng Tibetan Dance
Yao Emanations of Tara
Traditional (arr. Wu ZuQiang) A Moonlit Night on the Spring River
Zhou Long Five Elements


Civitas Ensemble
Yuan-Qing Yu violin
Kenneth Olsen cello
Winston Choi piano
J. Lawrie Bloom clarinet
Emma Gerstein flute/piccolo
Cynthia Yeh percussion
Chen Yihan pipa