Gershwin Spectacular

Mar 24

7:30 PM


Friday, March 24, 2017

Celebrate the genius of Gershwin with an all-Gershwin Spectacular featuring conductor and pianist Bramwell Tovey and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. From irresistible musicals to iconic works for piano, orchestra and beyond, Gershwin endures as one of America's most beloved composers. Enjoy a concert featuring the exuberant An American in Paris as well as selections from Strike up the Band and Porgy and Bess. Tovey, revered internationally for his charismatic performances and witty commentary, conducts and plays piano in Gershwin's popular Rhapsody in Blue.


The League of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association is delighted to announce its newest fundraiser A Toast to Gershwin! on Friday, March 24. Read more


Gershwin [arr. Rose] Overture to Strike Up the Band
Gershwin [arr. Tovey] A Foggy Day
Gershwin Catfish Row
Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue
Gershwin An American in Paris


Additional Dates for this Program

Guest conductor Bramwell Tovey can't say enough about the music of George Gershwin, whose works will be featured in Chicago Symphony Orchestra concerts March 24-25 that he will lead from the piano. "As soon as you hear Gerswhin, it just lifts you up," he says. "It elevates your mood." Read more at CSO Sounds & Stories

Bramwell Tovey loves the music of George Gershwin. So when the Chicago Symphony Orchestra asked him if he would like to lead an all-Gershwin program on March 24-25, Tovey didn’t need much convincing. “Who wouldn’t with the Chicago Symphony?” he said. The centerpiece will be Rhapsody in Blue, with Tovey as piano soloist and conductor. “What it brings is a little more of the jazz-band feeling to the piece," he said. "And for the audience, it’s always interesting to see the conductor sweat a bit.” Read more at CSO Sounds & Stories

When the Chicago Symphony Orchestra performs George Gershwin’s iconic tone poem An American in Paris as part of its “Gershwin Spectacular” concert March 24-25, patrons will hear a familiar sound: old-fashioned taxi horns. Thanks to some recent scholarly sleuthing, we now know more about the history of Gershwin’s hand-picked honkers than ever before. There’s even a CSO connection: percussionist James Ross. Read more at CSO Sounds & Stories


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