Judy and Scott McCue

Scott and Judy McCue

Judy and Scott McCue have been CSO supporters for more than 40 years. Judy was an early member of the Junior Governing Board, the precursor to the Overture Council, and the first chair of the board of the CSO’s Institute for Learning, Access and Training, now the Negaunee Music Institute. Both are supporters of the CSO, Negaunee Music Institute, and Civic Orchestra. Judy is a Life Trustee of the CSOA, serves on the Executive Committee and the Institute board; Scott is a Governing Member. Judy and Scott currently reside in Evanston and have been travelers on a number of CSO Patron Tours. 

How did you first become connected to the CSO?
We moved to Chicago in 1972. We both always loved symphonic music, so we knew how extraordinary the CSO was. One of Judy’s colleagues invited her to join the Junior Governing Board, the precursor to the Overture Council. It was a great opportunity to become involved with the CSO and its extraordinary music-making. So we began attending concerts not just as audience members, but as volunteers working to support the Orchestra.

What inspires your support of the Negaunee Music Institute?
Our connection with the Civic Orchestra introduced us to the wonderful work of the Institute. It has been great to learn about the programs which bring music to people of all ages, especially young people. The commitment to excellence, both in the CSO and in the Institute, is evident.

What excites you most about the CSO?
The absolutely wonderful music-making really keeps us coming back. We feel like we have hit the jackpot with the CSO, seeing the Orchestra perform under Solti, Barenboim, and now Maestro Muti. We think the CSO and Civic musicians are supremely talented. Maestro Muti has been inspirational—we admire his music-making and his dedication to make music a part of people’s lives. It is exciting to hear him talk about bringing people to Orchestra Hall. It is important that people come to the CSO’s home to hear the extraordinary music-making that Maestro Muti and the CSO have accomplished together.

What makes CSO Patron Tours so special?
When you go on tour with the CSO, you enjoy unique musical opportunities–the Orchestra’s performances in famous halls around the world and the CSO’s community engagement activities beyond the concert hall. And tours take us to places we normally would not go on our own. If you go with the CSO, you see distant places in a whole new way. CSO tours offer us a new way to see different parts of the world, accompanied by this spectacular music. We know the Orchestra is highly regarded in Chicago, but it is amazing to see the reactions it inspires in many cities of the world that love music.

What advice would you give to those looking to become more involved?
Consider becoming a Governing Member—that group gives an opportunity to become involved with the array of CSO programs and get closer to the Orchestra. If you can, go on a CSO Patron Tour. You find yourself closely involved with many people who love the symphony. We would certainly encourage young people to join the Overture Council—that is how we got to know the institution and got energized about it. Developing a love of orchestral music in young people is so important, and the OC provides a great opportunity to participate. You enrich yourself by active involvement on behalf of the organization and our wonderful Orchestra.

To learn more about supporting the CSO, please contact Bobbie Rafferty, director of individual giving, at raffertyb@cso.org or 312-294-3165.