The music and programs of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association enrich our city’s cultural landscape, inspire with musical excellence and innovative collaboration and transform lives through education.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association’s Music Together campaign aims to raise $23.5 million during the 2022/23 Season.

Celebrate the ways music connects us all and support your orchestra today.

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Leading Donors

Anonymous (6)
Dora J. and R. John Aalbregtse
Mr. & Mrs. William Adams IV
Fraida and Bob Aland
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Alsaker
Geoffrey A. Anderson
Megan P. and John L. Anderson
Sharon and Charles Angell
Dr. Edward Applebaum and Dr. Eva Redei
Dr. & Mrs. Kent Armbruster
Carey and Brett August
Peter and Betsy Barrett
Joseph Bartush
Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni* and Elaine Klemen
Cynthia Bates and Kevin Rock
Mr. Ken Belcher
Mrs. Gail Belytschko
Mr. & Mrs. D. Theodore Berghorst
Dr. Leonard & Phyllis Berlin
Randy L. and Melvin R.* Berlin
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Bible
Jim* and Dianne Blanco
Mr. & Mrs. John Borland
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Bramsen
Ms. Jill Brennan
Mrs. Sue Brubaker
Henry and Gilda Buchbinder
John D. and Leslie Henner Burns
Ms. Marion A. Cameron-Gray
Ms. Vera Capp
Jan and Frank Cicero, Jr.
Patricia A. Clickener
Mitchell Cobey and Janet Reali
Ms. Jean Cocozza
Dr. Thomas H. Conner
Mr. Lawrence Corry
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Demirjian
Mr. Doug Donenfeld
Mr. & Mrs. William Dooley
David and Deborah Dranove
Mr. & Mrs*. Allan Drebin
Nancy and Bernard Dunkel
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Eastwood
Michael and Kathleen Elliott
Charles and Carol Emmons
William Escamilla
Neil Fackler
Judith E. Feldman
Donald and Signe Ferguson
Mr. Daniel Fischel and Ms. Sylvia Neil
Mrs. John D. Foster
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Fox, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus F. Freidheim, Jr.
Robert D. Gecht
Rabbi Gary S. Gerson and Dr. Carol R. Gerson
Ms. Karen Gianfrancisco
Jeannette and Jerry Goldstone
Mary and Michael Goodkind
Dr. Alexia Gordon
Mrs. Amy G. Gordon and Mr. Michael D. Gordon
Chet Gougis and Shelley Ochab
Mr. & Mrs. Byron Gregory
Mr. Kenneth C. Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Groen
Mr. & Mrs. Dietrich M. Gross
James and Brenda Grusecki
Anne Marcus Hamada
Irving Harris Foundation, Joan W. Harris
James W. Haugh
Pati and O.J.* Heestand
Mr. & Mrs. R. Helmholz
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Hesse
Marjorie Friedman Heyman
The Hickey Family Foundation
James and Mary Houston
Ms. Patricia Hurley
Leland E. Hutchinson and Jean E. Perkins
Mr. & Mrs. Verne G. Istock
Mrs. Nancy Witte Jacobs
Mr. John Jawor
Mr. & Mrs.* William R. Jentes
Joni and Brian Johnson
Ronald B. Johnson
Dr. Patricia Collins Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Kiesel
The King Family Foundation
Robert Kohl and Clark Pellett
Cookie Anspach Kohn and Henry L. Kohn
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Kozloff
David and Susan Kreisman
Mr. Craig Lancaster and Ms. Charlene T. Handler
Dr. Lynda Lane

Stephen and Maria Lans
Mr. William Lawlor, III
Mr. Jeffrey Lennard
Mr. Terrance Livingston and Ms. Debra Cafaro
Dr. Anna Lysakowski
Carol MacArthur
Ling Z. and Michael C. Markovitz
Dr. Maija Freimanis and David A. Marshall
Robert* and Judy Marth
Ms. Mirjana Martich and Mr. Zoran Lazarevic
Nancy Lauter McDougal and Alfred L.* McDougal
Dr. & Mrs. James McGee
John and Etta McKenna
Dr. & Mrs. Peter McKinney
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Meister
Dr. Ellen Mendelson
Mr. Llewellyn Miller and Ms. Cecilia Conrad
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Murley
Jo Ann and Stuart Nathan
The Negaunee Foundation
Ms. Martha Nussbaum
Bill and Penny Obenshain
Sarah and Wallace Oliver
John and Joy O'Malley
Cathy and Bill Osborn
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Ostermann
Pasquinelli Family Foundation
Dianne M. and Robert J. Patterson, Jr.
Mr. Michael Payette
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Perlstein
Sue N. Pick
Mr. & Mrs. Dale R. Pinkert
John F. Podjasek III Charitable Fund
Mr. & Mrs.* Andrew Porte
Stephen and Ann Suker Potter
Susan Regenstein
Mr. & Mrs. Saul Rosen
Mr. & Mrs. Jason and Kristen Rossi
Tina and Buzz Ruttenburg
Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Foundation
Mr. Richard Ryan
Mr. Agustin G. Sanz
Raymond and Inez Saunders
David and Judy Schiffman
Mr*. and Mrs. Nathan Schloss
Susan H. Schwartz
Ruth Grant and Howard Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Chandra Sekhar
Ms. Courtney Shea
Megan and Steve Shebik
Dr. & Mrs. James C. Sheinin
The Law Offices of Jonathan N. Sherwell
Jessie Shih and Johnson Ho
Mr. & Ms. Alan Shoenberger
Valerie Slotnick
Mrs. Jackson W. Smart, Jr.
Louise K. Smith
Mary Ann Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Smith
James and Diane Snyder
Dr. & Mrs. R. Solaro
Ms. Elysia M. Solomon
Helena Stancikas
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene and Jean Stark
Ms. Minsook Suh
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Szalay
Thierer Family Foundation
Joan and Michael Thron
David and Beth Timm
Bruce* and Jan Tranen
Joan and David Trushin
Zalman and Karen Usiskin
Thomas D. Vander Veen, Ph.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Peter E. Van Nice
Ms. Jennifer Vianello
Catherine M. Villinski
Charles Vincent
Mr. Jeffrey J. Webb and Ms. Catherine Yung
Dr. Catherine L. Webb
Mr.* & Mrs. Jacob Weglarz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Weiss
Mr. Alfred White
Lisa and Paul Wiggin
Mr. & Ms. Richard Williams
Sarah R. Wolff and Joel L. Handelman
Michael* and Laura Woll
Courtenay R. Wood and H. Noel Jackson, Jr.
Mari Yamamoto Regnier
David and Eileen Zampa
Dr. & Mrs. John Zaremba
Zell Family Foundation

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra has been given permission to use the name “Music Together” for their 2022-2023 fundraising campaign by Music Together Worldwide, licensor of the Music Together® early childhood music curriculum. To learn more about Music Together® music & movement classes and teacher trainings, please visit