As part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the CSO’s concert series for children, tickets and transportation to CSO school concerts are FREE for CPS schools.

What concerts are free for CPS? Free tickets are available for the CSO school concerts and Once Upon a Symphony concerts (Mondays, only) this school year.

Are transportation costs included in this offer? Yes! All CPS schools will receive complimentary busing to and from Symphony Center.

How do I receive free transportation? Schools must complete and submit the busing order form, a minimum of three weeks prior to their scheduled concert date. Please only submit bus requests after receiving a ticket confirmation form—you will need your order number to complete the form.

How many concerts can my CPS classroom attend? CPS schools are allowed comp tickets for a single concert. Additional requests are placed on a waiting list. Approximately 6 weeks before the concert, if additional tickets are available, wait listed schools may be awarded tickets for a second concert. 

What if my CPS school is willing to pay for tickets to a second or third concert? These schools have the option of purchasing tickets for additional concerts and can do so as soon as their order is received and processed.

How many tickets can be requested per concert? We hope to provide access to as many CPS schools as possible. Please limit your order to 150 tickets.

When do I need to order tickets for my school? Orders will be processed based on the date when they are received. Schools whose orders cannot be accommodated—from CPS schools and non-CPS schools—will be placed on a waiting list.

How will CPS orders be seated? CPS schools should indicate their seat location preference on their order forms. Efforts will be made to seat CPS groups in their preferred locations. Final seating locations are subject to change.

What is your cancellation policy? We expect there to be high demand for these free tickets. If a school is unable to attend, they must notify the CSO as soon as possible but no more than six weeks before the concert date, to avoid displacing waitlisted schools.

Who is providing funds for free tickets and transportation? Generous donors of the Negaunee Music Institute at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra are providing support to enable students to attend performances at Symphony Center. To help make these experiences possible for other students, make a gift today to the Negaunee Music Institute at


Free transportation to School Concerts is generously provided in part by Wintrust Financial.