The Negaunee Music Institute at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has been a longtime arts partner and provider of unique and innovative music education programming for Chicago Public Schools.

Partnerships for Chicago Public Schools

The Negaunee Music Institute at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra offers partnership programs that support the music education of students and teachers in CPS.  More information about current programming is featured below, including information and resources from past partnerships.


The application for the 2019/20 CSO Connect school partnership can be found here.

The CSO-Connect Curriculum Program brings CPS teachers from arts and non-arts classrooms together to develop lessons tied to a yearly theme and orchestral repertoire featured in a CSO School Concert. Through participation in five workshops, teachers develop an arts-integrated curriculum unit and collaborate with peers within their school to deliver high quality instruction, instigating student created music compositions, which are showcased at the Connect culminating event. Participating schools are provided access to the exceptional artistry of CSO and Civic musicians through in-school chamber ensemble performances and attendance at a CSO School Concert.

Participating CPS Schools:

Louis A. Agassiz Elementary School
Decatur Classical School
Jahn School of Fine Arts
Joyce Kilmer Elementary School
Louis Pasteur Elementary School
Josiah Pickard Elementary School
Socorro Sandoval Elementary School
Sidney Sawyer Elementary School
Franz Peter Schubert Elementary School
George B. Swift Elementary School

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Instrumental Music Partnerships

The Negaunee Music Institute’s Instrumental Music Partnerships support elementary and high school orchestra and band programs through a variety of instructional and inspirational activities. Staff develop custom programming plans through conversation with partners, ensuring flexibility to meet schools’ unique challenges and needs. Components may include master classes, small-group coaching, in-school performances by CSO and/or Civic chamber ensembles, side-by-side concerts, tickets and transportation to a CSO Open Rehearsal and/or School Concert, and more. These partnerships seek to enhance students’ musical experiences and expand teachers’ resources.

Participating CPS Schools:

Roald Amundsen High School
Kenwood Academy High School
Albert G. Lane Technical High School
Stephen Tyng Mather High School
Nicholas Senn High School
Eliza Chappell Elementary School

Past Partnerships

The Music Activity Partnership, a long-standing program offered from 1998-2015, engaged 189 teachers from 47 Chicago Public Schools. The MAP program provided a variety of resources to participating schools, including in-class visits by teaching artists, professional development opportunities for teachers to promote arts integration in core classes, in-school performances by CSO and Civic Orchestra chamber ensembles, tickets and transportation to a CSO Youth Concert, and more.

CSO-Ignite was an in-depth residency program from 2015-17 that offered select schools in-class instruction by teaching artists, in-school performances by CSO and Civic Orchestra chamber ensembles, and tickets and transportation to a CSO School Concert. Curriculum was developed in collaboration with schools, to meet student needs and fill gaps in music education curriculum. Its goal was to sustain and expand music education in each partner school, with planning time devoted to the development of a strategic arts plan.