Hubei Chime Bells National Chinese Orchestra

Constituted by former Hubei Provincial Opera and Dance Drama Theatre and Hubei Provincial Opera Troupe, Hubei Provincial Opera and Dance Drama Theatre is a professional performing arts organization which mainly produces and performs national opera, national music, dance and symphony. The theatre consists of opera troupe, dance drama troupe, symphony orchestra (Hubei Symphony Orchestra), national orchestra (China National Chimes Orchestra), stage art engineering department, production and research institute, sparetime art school, Luojiashan Theatre, performance management department, training department and so on. Since the transformation into enterprise and restructuring in 2011, it is now affiliated to Hubei Provincial Performing Arts Group.

Over the past half-century, all staff of the theatre have inherited the national and folk excellent traditional culture and arts, and have gone deep into life to actively explore and make bold innovations; with their rich connotation of thought, rigorous and elegant art style, they have produced and performed a large number of excellent plays like the large-scale national opera The Honghu Red Guards which is regarded as the classical Chinese opera of the 20th century, the large-scale classical music dance The Chimes Music & Dance which is hailed as "The Epic of Music Dance" and has been reserved by the nation, national dance drama Lotus Ode, opera Sakura, musical The Three Gorges Stone, national dance drama Wang Zhaojun, large-scale music dance The Chimes Ring in Chutian etc; they have won various awards like the first prize of Excellent Performance Award of the first China Opera Festival, special award of Wenhua Awards, Hubei Five-one Project Awards and so on. The excellent dance works Tujia Donates Grain to the Nation Happily, Oh, Tomorrow, The Young Couple Goes to the Market, The Child Wants to Cross the River and large-scale dance Fire Phoenix, the song Love of the Boat Tracker and the other music and dance works have won prizes in shows at home and abroad and are popular among audiences and have gained good reputation.

Since reform and opening up, the theatre has been assigned by the nation for many times and has attended international commercial shows, undertaking lots of important culture exchange tasks at home and abroad; it has been to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and has visited more than 10 countries in America, Europe and Asia; it has made positive contributions to promote Sino-foreign culture exchange, to spread excellent Chinese national arts, and to enhance the friendship between Chinese people and people from all over the world.

In the era of vigorous development and enrichment of culture, the theatre will continue the aim that literature and art should serve the people, and will go deep into life and grasp the source of creation, and produce more excellent works and actively develop performance market to write a new chapter of the construction and development of Hubei culture and arts.


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