China National Peking Opera Company

Throughout the development of China National Peking Opera Company, Troupe One has always radiated with the glamour of high art. Since the founding of the company in the fifties, Troupe One, which at that time gathered the renowned masters LI Shaochun, YE Shenglan, YUAN Shihai and DU Jinfang, has been the most established troupe in inheriting tradition yet allowing for creativity, producing the best traditional and new repertoires.

In the current century, another generation of masters like YU Kuizhi and LI Shengsu, while following the artistic style of Troupe One, are bring its reputation to another height.

Now, the main body of Troupe One consists of many celebrated stars. The leading artist YU Kuizhi is praised as “the leading figure of contemporary Beijing Opera”. The director, LI Shengsu, inherits MUI (Lanfang)’s art and achieves great accomplishment. TUO Zhiguo, GUAN Bo, MA Xiangfei, ZHANG Jing, CHEN Guosen, LIU Kuikui, GUO Yaoyao, PAN Yuejiao, WANG Yue and DU Zhe are all National Class-A artists, forming the backbone of the troupe. In addition, CHEN Jing, HU Bin, SONG Yixuan, LV Yaoyao, ZHU Hong, LIU Lei, LI Wenying, LIU Mengjiao, WANG Haoqiang, GUO Xiaolei, WANG Yu, LIU Bo, ZHANG Zhifang are young talents standing out through stage performance. With their effort onstage, many of them have won awards in national competition and bring honor to the troupe.

Troupe One also has many Class A musicians including SU Guangzhong, ZHAO Qi, CUI Yukun and other promising young musicians, forming a solid foundation for the artistic development of the troupe.

Troupe One believes that strong cast is essential to good performance, and therefore has long-term cooperation with outstanding guest artists YANG Chi, ZHU Qiang, MENG Guanglu, ZHAO Baoxiu, YANG Yanyi, XI Zhonglu, ZHANG Ping and JIANG Qihu. It also relies on senior artists SUN Hongxun, ZHENG Yan, SONG Feng, SUN Guiyuan, ZHANG Lan, YE Tiesen and HUO Jianhua for instruction and mentoring. The purpose is to pursue tastefulness, high quality and sophistication of art while developing its own elegant artistic style and becoming the most vigorous and highly acclaimed performing group.

Troupe One has toured frequently in mainland China and has visited many countries abroad to promote Chinese culture over the world.

Current director of Troupe One is LI Shengsu, managing vice director is TUO Zhiguo and WANG Ning as Party branch secretary.


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