n tour, the Orchestra
expresses its full identity to
an international audience by
extending its music-making beyond
the concert hall and into various
communities of whichever city it’s
visiting. In the fall of 2012, the CSO
traveled to New York City and Mexico
where, in addition to sold-out concerts
in Carnegie Hall, Guanajuato’s Teatro
Juárez and Mexico City’s Palacio de
Bellas Artes, the musicians offered
master classes, lessons, an open
rehearsal and chamber performances.
Maestro Muti led a Mexico City-
based string ensemble in a lecture
demonstration for a full hall of young
conductors and music students. Later in
the season when the Orchestra toured
Taiwan, China and South Korea, CSO
musicians complemented full orchestra
concerts with open rehearsals as well
as performances in an orphanage, local
music schools and a community center.
The programmatic elements of the Initiative occur within the Institute for Learning,
Access and Training. At the helm of the work are Riccardo Muti, Yo-Yo Ma and
musicians of the CSO, all of whom champion the Initiative in greater Chicago and
across the world. Together they invite people of all ages, interests, skill levels and
backgrounds to generously use and promote the power of music to make a meaningful
contribution to their culture, their communities, or the life of another. Musicians of
the Civic Orchestra (the training orchestra of the CSO) amplify the Initiative’s reach
as they look to Muti, Ma and the CSO to learn what it takes to become the next
generation of musicians and how to respond to the ever-changing world around them.
To date, activities of the Citizen Musician Initiative have reached over 30,000
people. To learn more, visit
PHOTOS: (TOP TO BOTTOM) Riccardo Muti leads a Mexico City-based string ensemble in a lecture demonstration in Palacio de Bellas Artes / J. Lawrie Bloom
works with a young clarinetist / David Griffin demonstrates his instrument in Taipei / Yuan-Qing Yu discusses the music during a master class in Asia
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