Each year, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra invests more than $4 million in innovative learning, access and training programs that reach over 200,000 people annually.
These programs would not be possible without the generosity of the following donors. For information on how you can make a gift in support of programs that transform
lives through active participation in music, call 312-294-3100 or go to cso.org/give. Gifts listed below were received July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.
Judson and Joyce Green
Loretta N. Julian
Robert R. McCormick Foundation
The James and Madeleine McMullan
 Family Foundation
Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust
National Endowment for the Arts
The Negaunee Foundation
Polk Bros. Foundation
Mrs. Peg Sindelar
Mrs. Ruth Miner Swislow
Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
Robert and Joanne Crown Income
 Charitable Fund
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Judith W. and Howard M. McCue III
Susan and Richard Kiphart
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
The Claire Rosen & Samuel Edes
Barbara and Barre Seid Foundation
Mr. Irving Stenn, Jr.
Anonymous (1)
Abbott Fund
Allstate Insurance Company
Alphawood Foundation
Julie and Roger Baskes
Crain-Maling Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Gignilliat
Mary Winton Green
John H. Hart and Carol Prins
Peter G. Horton Charitable
 Remainder Annuity Trust
Robert Kohl and Clark Pellett
Bowman C. Lingle Trust
Ann and Robert H. Lurie Foundation
Mazza Foundation
The Pauls Foundation
The Satter Foundation
Mr. Muneer A. Satter and
 Ms. Kristen H. Hertel
In honor and loving
 memory of Alice Welsh Skilling
United Airlines
Anonymous (2)
The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
Mr.* & Mrs. Robert H. Bacon, Jr.
Barker Welfare Foundation
Robert & Isabelle Bass Foundation, Inc.
Helen V. Brach Foundation
The Buchanan Family Foundation
Cashel Foundation
Mari Hatzenbuehler Craven
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Donovan
Duchossois Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Duchossois
Illinois Arts Council, a state agency
Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP,
 in memory of Gerald Penner
Leslie Fund, Inc.
Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation
Ling Z. and Michael C. Markovitz
Nancy Lauter McDougal
 and Alfred L. McDougal
Colonel Stanley Reed McNeil Foundation
Susan Noel
Gerald* and Mona Penner
The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund
Sandra and Earl Rusnak, Jr.
Cynthia M. Sargent
Charles and M. R. Shapiro Foundation
The George L. Shields Foundation, Inc.
Michael and Linda Simon
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
Dr. Marylou Witz
Anonymous (3)
Edward J.* and Edith G. Andrew
Robert H. Baum and MaryBeth Kretz
Mr. Lawrence Belles
Florence H. Boone Foundation
Harry F. and Elaine Chaddick Foundation
Corn Products International
Mr. Lawrence Corry
Mr. Jerry J. Critser
Ms. Phyllis Diamond
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Drebin
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Glossberg
Richard and Alice Godfrey
Chet Gougis and Shelley Ochab
Mrs. Betty Guttman
Mr. & Mrs. Loren Jahn
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kane
Jim and Kay Mabie
Heather McWilliams
Milne Family Foundation
Ms. Susan Norvich
Andra and Irwin Press
Karen and Thomas Rafter
Mr. & Mrs. W. Robert Reum
Ms. Alyne Salstone
Dr. Scholl Foundation
Simon Stephenson
The League of the Chicago Symphony
 Orchestra Association
The Rhoades Foundation
The Siragusa Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Van Horn
Michael G. Woll and Laura Woll
The Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation
Anonymous (3)
Ms. Susan Adler
Ms. Sandra Bass
Charles H. and Bertha L.
 Boothroyd Foundation
Carl Forstmann Memorial Foundation
Ms. Shawn Donnelley and Dr.
 Christopher M. Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Dunkel
Ms. Sharon Ferrill
Ms. Marguerite Griffin
Grace C. Hajeck
Mr. Collier Hands
Italian Village Restaurants
Susie Forstmann Kealy
Kinder Morgan
Lannan Foundation
Mr. Gregory and Dr. Alice Melchor
David and Dolores Nelson
Deborah F. Rutter and Peter Ellefson
Rosemary and John Sanchez
Jessie Shih and Johnson Ho
Fay S. Stern, in memory of John N. Stern
Suzanne and Fred Stitt
Mrs. Robert Swanson
Mrs. Lois P. Vrhel
Anonymous (3)
Ann Acker
Albany Bank & Trust Company
Ms. Marie Asbury
Mr. Edward M. Bakwin
Mr. & Mrs. John Barnes
Mr. Merrill and Mr. N.M.K. Barnes
Mr. Solomon Barnett
Howard and Donna Bass
Mr. Melvin Belton
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Bible
Mr. Arnold Bodmer
Mr. James Borkman
Mr. Donald Bouseman
Ms. Danolda Brennan
Mr. & Mrs.Timothy Bryan
Henry and Gilda Buchbinder
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Buchsbaum
Drs. Stephen and Judy Bundra
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Burns, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs.* Richard M. Burridge
Ann and Richard Carr
Sue and Jim Colletti
Mary Lynn and Thomas M. Cooney Fund
 of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cottle
Anita J. Court, Ph.D.
Ms. Debra Danner
Melissa and Gordon Davis
Dr. Kay Debs
Ms. Ann Drake
Elk Grove Graphics
Charles and Carol Emmons
Anne H. Evans
Mrs. Carol Evans,
 in memory of Henry Evans
Dr. & Mrs. Sanford Finkel
Ms. Evelyn Fitzpatrick
Ms. Lola Flamm
Ms. Kathleen Ford
Ms. Cheryl Francis
Gerald Freedman
Dr. Barbara Fuller
Janet Geovanis,
 in memory of Thomas Geovanis
Mrs. Joseph Glotzbach,
 in memory of Joseph F. Glotzbach
Mrs. Donald E. Goll
GoodSmith Gregg & Unruh LLP
Mr. Nicholas Gouletas and
 Ms. Natel Matschulat-Gouletas
Mr. Ellsworth Grant
Ms. Janessa Griffin
Charles Grode and Heidi Lukas
Mr. & Mrs. John Hales
Carol Hall
Anne Marcus Hamada
Ronald and Diane Hamburger
The Dr. Lewis A. Hare & Ruth
 Lerman Hare Charitable Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Wade C. Harrison II
Mrs. Margaret Hart
Mr. William Hegan
William B. Hinchliff
Eugene and Jayne Holland
Mr. Bruce Huey
Tex and Susan Hull
Mr. & Mrs. J.Thomas Hurvis
Ms. Frieda Ireland and Mr. Carroll Damron
Ian and Valerie Jacobs
Tim and Jennifer Janowick
Ms. Kathryn Johnson
Dr. Patricia Jones
Ms. Maryann Karlovsky
Barbara and Kenneth Kaufman
Marcia and Silas Keehn
Ms. Heather Ketchum
Esther G. Klatz
Mr. Chris John Klbecka
Ms. Jean Klingenstein
Ms. June Koizumi
Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Komarek
Ferdinand and Bernadette Korndorf
Mr. & Mrs. Rubin P. Kuznitsky
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Levin
Mr. & Mrs. Burt Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Liechti
Ms. Michelle Lozins
Mr. Richard Lyman
Mr. Glen J. Madeja and Ms. Janet Steidl
Ms. Amy B. Manning and
 Mr. Paul C. Ziebert
Dr. Stephanie Pace and Robert Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Mason, Jr.
Martha K. McClintock
Marcus and Pauline McEwen
Mrs. Erma Medgyesy
Mr. Robert Middleton
Dr.Toni-Marie Montgomery
Maria and Carl E. Moore
Mrs. Frank Morrissey
Catherine Mouly and LeRoy T. Carlson, Jr.
Ms. M. Kathleen Mueller
Eileen M. Murray
Mr. Barry Novy
Mr. Alvaro Obregon
Michael and Kay O’Halleran
Mr.* & Mrs. Marshall Padorr
Mr. Potter Palmer
In celebration of the birth of
 Joseph Gerald Penner
Judy C. Petty
Susan and Joseph A. Power, Jr.
Drs. Joseph and Kimberly Pyle
Al Reichle
Ms. Mary Ring
Dr. Anita Robbins
Thomas Roberts and Teresa Grosch
Ms. Eugenie Ross-Leming and
 Mr. Robert Singer
Mr. David Sandfort
Richard and Edna Schade
Mrs. Rebecca Schewe
Stephen A. and Marilyn Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Irving Seaman, Jr.
Mr. David and Ms. Judith L. Sensibar
Elizabeth and John Shoemaker
Stuart and Leslie Shulruff
Mr. Peter Sichrovsky
Julia M. Simpson
Mrs. Kimberly Snyder
Mrs. Hugo Sonnenschein
Ms. Adena Staben
Mr. Leonidas Stefanos
Carol D. Stein
Mr. Hal Stewart
Mr. Frederick Sturm and
 Ms. Deborah Gillaspie
Walter and Caroline Sueske
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