Youth Orchestra of the Americas
Guest Youth Ensemble
Youth Orchestra of the Americas (YOA) is a world
class symphony orchestra of young musicians, ages
18 to 30, representing more than 20 countries in
the Western Hemisphere.The organization seeks
to unite energetic, talented musicians to pursue
excellence and celebrate cultural diversity as a
catalyst for social change. In ten years, YOA has
become an international brand by bringing renowned
artists—Yo-Yo Ma, Gustavo Dudamel, Lorin
Maazel, Valery Gergiev, Plácido Domingo, Philip
Glass and more—into the lives of young musicians
and diverse audiences. YOA holds annual free and
open auditions in January via YouTube, removing
the cost of international postage to ensure that all
eligible musicians can apply. Following adjudication
by prestigious faculty members, musicians in the new
orchestra participate on full-scholarship to achieve
the greatest equality and diversity possible. When not
on tour as a full orchestra, many members of YOA
participate in small projects across the globe that
deepen and expand youth involvement in music and
empower the next generation of musical leaders and
social entrepreneurs.
2013 Festival Orchestra
The Festival Orchestra is an advanced ensemble
comprised of approximately 50 Chicago area high
school students.They participate in programs of
Festival collaborating partners.
Civic Orchestra of Chicago
Founded in 1919 as the training orchestra of the
CSO and led by Principal Conductor Cliff Colnot,
the Civic Orchestra of Chicago is a signature
program of the CSO’s Institute for Learning,
Access and Training and the only orchestral training
program affiliated with a major American orchestra.
Through this unique alliance, Civic members have
rare access to the extraordinary musical resources of
the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, work with some
of today’s most sought after conductors and take part
in a curriculum that seeks to respond to the rapidly
evolving world of music in the 21st century.Through
the Civic program, young musicians are trained
as professionals while cultivating their ability to
collaborate with others, develop teaching artistry and
exercise citizen musicianship.
Members of the Chicago
Symphony Orchestra
Members of the CSO share their knowledge with
Festival young musicians through sectional coaching,
ensemble coaching, and master classes.They work
with Chicago high school students, guest ensemble
members and the Civic Orchestra throughout
Festival activities.
As a young musician, I was very fortunate to have the
insight and thoughtful generosity of older musicians—this is a chance to
pass that along to younger players.
—john hagstrom, cso trumpet
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