CSO Association Administration

President and Assistants

Office of the President

Jeff Alexander
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Karen Rahn
Executive Assistant to the President and Secretary of the Board
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Emily Master
Director, Office of the Music Director
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Human Resources

Lynne Sorkin
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Yesenia Gutierrez
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Artistic Administration

Cristina Rocca
Vice President for Artistic Planning
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Hannah Gidley
Executive Assistant to VP for Artistic Planning
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James M. Fahey
Director of Programming, Symphony Center Presents
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Randy Elliot
Director, Artistic Administration
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Gerard McBurney
Artistic Programming Advisor
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Phillip Huscher
Program Annotator
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Pietro Fiumara
Artists Assistant
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Lena Breitkreuz
Artist Coordinator, SCP
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Crystal MacDonald
Artist Coordinator, CSO
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Monica Wentz
Manager, Artistic Planning
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The Negaunee Music Institute

Ashley Young
Executive Assistant
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Jon Weber
Director of Learning Programs
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Yoo-Jin Hong
Director of Civic Orchestra and Training Programs
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Jonathan McCormick
Associate Director, Institute Programs
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Katy Clusen
Coordinator of Learning Programs
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Molly Walker
Coordinator, Civic Orchestra and Training Programs
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James Hall
Coordinator of Civic Engagement Programs
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Alyssa Crance
Coordinator of School and Family Programs
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Chicago Symphony Chorus

Carolyn Stoner

Marjorie Johnston
Associate Chorus Manager/Librarian

Orchestra and Building Operations

Vanessa Moss
Vice President for Orchestra and Building Operations

Sameed Afghani
Executive Assistant

Heidi Lukas
Director of Operations

Jeffrey Stang
Production Manager

Charles Braico
House Manager

Marc Geelhoed
Manager of Audio Media

Charlie Post
Audio Engineer


Rosenthal Archives

Frank Villella

Orchestral Personnel

John Deverman

Anne MacQuarrie
CSO Auditions and Personnel


John Maas

Michael Lavin
Rental Events Manager

Engineers, Electricians, Security, Stage Technicians


Timothy McElligott
Lead Engineer

Kevin Walsh

Dan Platt

Michael McGeehan


Robert Stokas
Chief Electrician

John Forster

Stage Technicians

Kelly Kerins
Stage Manager

David Hartge

James Hogan

Christopher Lewis

Patrick Reynolds

Todd Snick

Joe Tucker

Finance and Administration, Accounting

Finance and Administration

Isabelle C. Goossen
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Renay Johansen Slifka
Executive Assistant


Kathryn Preston

Paulette Jean Volf
Assistant Controller

Janet Kosiba
Assistant Controller

Kelly Cater
Director of Budget, Planning and Analysis

Janet Hansen
Payroll Manager

Stephanie Ribaudo
Payroll Assistant

Cynthia Maday
Accounts Payable Manager

Marianne Hahn
Accounting Manager

Monique Henderson
Senior Accountant

Hyon Yu
General Ledger Manager

Information Services and Support

Daniel Spees

Douglas Bolino
Systems Administrator

Jacqueline Guy
Senior Database Systems Administrator

Sales and Marketing, Web, Marketing, Creative, Program Book

Sales and Marketing

Philip Koester
Vice President for Sales and Marketing
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Melanie Kalnins
Director, Sales and Marketing Analysis
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Laura Emerick
Digital Content Editor
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Web Systems and Applications

Sean Hopp
Director, Web Systems and Applications
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Steve Burkholder
Manager, Web Systems and Applications
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Liz Madeja
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Jennifer Colgan
Marketing Manager, Patron Retention
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Lauren Matson
Marketing Manager
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Namita Shah
Digital Marketing Coordinator
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Stephanie Lo
Marketing Media Buyer
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Laura Sauer
Marketing Associate
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Todd Land
Creative Director
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Emma Bilyk
Senior Designer
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Program Book

Denise Wagner
Manager/Senior Editor
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Gerald Virgil
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Kristin Tobin
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Communications and Public Relations

Eileen Chambers
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Clay Baker
PR Assistant
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Sales and Patron Services, Ticketing Sales, VIP Services, Group Services

Sales and Patron Services

Stephanie Scott

Ticketing Sales

Stephen Funk
Associate Director


Patrice Fumbanks

VIP Services

Robert Coad

Group Services

Brian Koenig


Shifra Werch

Box Office and The Symphony Store

Box Office

Joseph Garnett

Jack McGinnis

James Krier

Steve Paulin

Fernando Vega

Christie Nawrocki

The Symphony Store

Roberto Bravo
Store Manager


Karen Lewis Alexander
Vice President for Development
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Guillermo Muñoz Küster
Executive Assistant
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Allison Szafranski
Director of Leadership Gifts
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Barbara Rafferty
Director of Development, Individual Gifts
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Alfred Andreychuk
Major Gifts Officer & Director of Planned Giving
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Rebecca Hill
Major Gifts Officer
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Doris McGee
Major Gifts Officer
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Liz Heinitz
Director, Annual Giving & Development Operations
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Rachel Zupp
Manager of Governing Members Gifts
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Karen Bullen
Assistant Gifts Officer 
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Neomia Harris
Project Assistant
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Institutional Advancement

Kevin Beck
Director of Foundation & Government Relations
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Katherine Tuttle
Director, Corporate Development
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Nick Magnone
Corporate Development Manager
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Jennifer Adams
Corporate Development Coordinator
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Sarah Sapperstein
Manager of Development Communications
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Donor Engagement and Development Operations

Lisa McDaniel
Director of Donor Engagement
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Kimberly S. Duffy
Senior Donor Engagement Manager
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Jessica Erickson
Senior Donor Engagement Manager
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Rebecca Silber
Donor Engagement Associate
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Kirk McMahon
Donor and Development Services Manager
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Peter Rosenbloom
Donor Services Coordinator
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Jeremy Krifka 
Donor and Development Services Coordinator
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Please note the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association does not consider unsolicited musical submissions or collaboration requests. We are also unable to return any such items sent to the CSOA, confirm their receipt or provide feedback. Thank you.