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Beyond the Score

Beyond the Score: Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4

Release May 12, 2009

© Chicago Symphony Orchestra 2009
All rights reserved

Length: 01:00:00



The most shattering personal crisis of Tchaikovsky's life-his ill-conceived marriage to a young student in 1877-coincided with one of the greatest periods of his composing career. Over a mere two years, he poured out a stream of masterpieces, culminating in his Fourth Symphony, a 19th-century Russian music drama to rival the great literary dramas of Pushkin and Tolstoy.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Alexander Polianichko conductor
Gerard McBurney creative director and narrator
Larry Yando actor

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"The Chicago Symphony Orchestra has a winner in Beyond the Score®, its newest attempt to rethink the way audiences experience live classical music."
Chicago Sun-Times

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More about Beyond the Score

Written and created by the CSO's creative director, Gerard McBurney, live musical examples are called upon to illustrate the structure of each composition. After an intermission, concertgoers return to the hall with newly discovered knowledge to hear a performance of the work played in its entirety.

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