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Marina Heredia


Born in Granada, Marina Heredia has been singing since childhood.  At 13 years old she made her first recording Malgré la nuit, a flamenco CD for children.  She could be heard singing in Granada tablaos accompanying dancers and guitarists, until she replaced Carmen Linares in a María Pagés show at the Festival of Music and Dance in Granada.

Ms. Heredia collaborates with renowned flamencos such as Arcángel and Eva Yerbabuena, as well as on other projects, such as the opera De amore, with composer Mauricio Sotelo which opened in the Carl Orff Hall at Gasteig Auditorium of Munich and Theatre de la Zarzuela in Madrid.  From that year Marina's path has not stopped climbing, taking her to main stages at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, the Theatre Albéniz in Madrid, the Gran Teatro de Córdoba, Palau de la Música in Valencia, Palacio de la Musica in Strasbourg, and the Crystal Palace Porto.

She has performed in the most prestigious festivals of Spain including: Grec of Barcelona, Bienal de Flamenco of Seville, Madrid Autumn Festival, the Jerez and Ronda Festivals, and the Festival of Music and Dance in Granada. She has traveled from Beijing to Uruguay, Paris, Portugal, Munich, London, Morocco, New York, and Washington. Ms. Heredia has sung for such diverse audiences as Espárrago Rock, Munich Biennale, and classical opera, collaborating with artists such as Howie B and Nacho Cano.  She is one of the most requested international artists to perform "El Amor Brujo" by Manuel de Falla.

Her contribution to the flamenco world was recognized in 2004, when she received the "Andalusian Youth of the Arts" Award for contributing to the spread of flamenco art in Spain and abroad. With two published works (Me duele, me duele in 2001 and La voz del agua in 2007), she released her third album in 2010, Marina, a flamenco album with new classic songs: tangos de Graná, bulerías, soleá, alegrías, malagueña, seguiriyas and fandangos.  All are a variety that define Marina Heredia, more mature than ever. That maturity is reflected in the Bienal de Flamenco of Seville, (2010), where her performance received particular acclaim.

In 2011, Marina (2010), her third album, received the award for Best Album of the Cante Flamenco by Flamenco National Review, competing in this category with "Morente +Flamenco" by Enrique Morente and "Fernando Terremoto" of Fernando Terremoto. In early 2012 she traveled to San Francisco to perform with the San Francisco Symphony. Marina put her voice to the interpretation of flamenco ballet "El Amor Brujo" by Manuel de Falla, led by Spanish conductor Pablo Heras-Casado. She was featured in Flamenco Festivals of Zaragoza and Bilbao BBK Cycle along the multifaceted Luis Eduardo Aute, and the International Festival del Cante de las Minas, achieving great critical and commercial success.

In September 2012 she gave the premiere of A mi Tempo, the show of her new album, at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, in the XVII Bienal de Flamenco, in which she celebrates the success of the 2010 Biennial, commemorating this time with the special collaborations of diva Mónica Naranjo and the Luis Rivero Choir of the Carnival of Cádiz. Critics called her a "magna singer" who "brings the essence of the song" and said: "Marina Heredia is Marina Heredia".


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