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Max Raabe

Max Raabe, born in Lünen, Westfalia, on 12.12.1962, founded the Palast Orchester with fellow students in 1986. Since his graduation as certified baritone he and his ensemble have been enjoying international success on concert tours through Europe, USA, Asia and Israel. His latest CD „Für Frauen ist das kein Problem“ is his second cooperation with the pop-producer Annette Humpe. Their first, "Küssen kann man nicht alleine", was awarded platinum in 2012.

Already in early years Max Raabe felt attracted to the operatic world of Wagner. However, when he heard music from the "Golden 20s" on radio and discovered a humorous foxtrot labeled "I´m Crazy About Hilde” in his parents´ record cabinet he was hooked! He began collecting shellac records and soon became an expert for the songs and style of the Weimar Era.

It was a matter of time before Max Raabe felt the urge to stand on stage himself and sing. He plucked up the courage to dress up in his father's top hat and tails at the height of the disco era to perform songs from the 20s at parties for friends.

In his own 20s Max Raabe moved to Berlin to study singing at the Berlin University Of The Arts. After graduation he gathered experience as classical baritone but soon realized that his heart beat for the music of the Weimar Era. As no band existed that played this repertoire he teamed up with 12 fellow students and founded the Palast Orchester. That was 1986.

Meanwhile "Max Raabe & Palast Orchester" are internationally renowned for entertainment at its best. The reason for their success lies in the uniqueness and excellent quality of their performance. The classically trained musicians work as seriously at the interpretation of their music as they would at that of a composition by Beethoven. Max's drily witty concert announcements provide a humorous counterpoint and a main attraction in the show. Quote: “Because perhaps a woman brings her husband to a concert and he might not like the singer or the music, but he may like the humor of the jokes.”

Over the years Max Raabe has constantly managed to surprise his audience. The CD "Charming Weill" with rediscovered dance-band arrangements of Weill compositions won the “Echo"-award for classical music. International charts were stormed with 20´s-style interpretations of modern pop-hits. Humorous compositions by Max himself made the band known to a wide audience in Germany during the early 90s.

His latest coup: In 2010 he teamed up with the popular German producer, singer, musician and composer Annette Humpe to write 12 songs for an album. Under the title "Küssen kann man nicht allein" (One Cannot Kiss Alone) this became his most successful production when in 2012 it reached platinum status.

Now the duo´s second album has been released: "Für Frauen ist das kein Problem" (For women that´s no problem). Philosophic contemplations like “Ich bin nur gut wenn keiner guckt” (I´m only good when no-one is looking), the madness of love or the joy of life: the 13 songs are full of feeling without becoming dramatic. They remain fine, delicate, unobtrusive. Max Raabe masters the art of keeping his composure while at the same time allowing insight into his soul.

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