How This Site Works Best

This website is compatible with all major web browsers. Our developers have done their best to comply with current web standards, as well as make the site as easy to navigate as possible. However, there are many different configurations available for users today, from different computer manufacturers, operating systems and processor speeds, to varied browser and plug-in combinations.

Before you contact us with an issue related to your browsing experience, please check below for more information on specific resolutions that might solve your problem. If you are still having an issue with your browsing experience after looking through this page, please have on hand the information below when contacting us. Thank you.



For the best browsing experience, please check that your machine conforms to the following requirements:




The latest version of any one of the leading web browsers.

See list at left sidebar.


To ensure the highest compatibility with, please download the latest version of your chosen web browser.

The latest version of the Adobe Flash Player.

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For rich multimedia content, including audio clips, CSO Radio and videos.

The latest version of Adobe Reader.

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To view the latest press releases, articles, program notes, reports and brochures.

The latest version of your operating system.

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To ensure the highest compatiblity for multimedia on

Note for Windows XP users: Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, and for this reason, we can not guarantee that all areas of will function properly. Updating Windows XP to the latest Service Pack can, in many cases, solve several issues related to your experience on You can download the latest Service Pack here.

Javascript must be enabled.


Javascript must be enabled to take advantage of many of our site's features. This technology is usually automatically enabled for most browsers, but it could be turned off in some situations. See below for more information on how to enable Javascript.



List of Known Issues

PROBLEM: When clicked, some links don't seem to do anything; parts of the site seem disjointed; graphical elements that used to animate are now stationary.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Javascript is not enabled.

SOLUTION: Enable Javascript. See below:

In Firefox, versions 11.0 and greater, click the “Firefox” link in the top left-hand corner of the screen and choose “Options.”

From there, choose the “Content” tab and then check the box next to “Enable Javascript.” Click “OK.”

In Internet Explorer, version 8, click on “Tools” at the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose “Internet Options.”

Click on the "Security" tab.

Click on "Custom level..." at the bottom of the options screen.

Scroll to the bottom of the list to the subheading labeled "Scripting" and change the radio button to select "Enable."


PROBLEM: Videos and audio will not play and certain parts of the site appear disjointed.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: You do not have the latest version of Flash installed on your machine.

SOLUTION: Download the latest version of Flash here.


PROBLEM: I am unable to install the latest version of Flash.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Older Windows operating systems (Windows XP and older) may not be compatible with Flash.

SOLUTION: If you are running Windows XP, make sure you have the latest Service Pack. You can download here.


PROBLEM: I do not see any banners (or the site looks like it is missing images)

POSSIBLE CAUSE: If you have an ad blocker enabled on your browser, you will not be able to see the rotating banner on the homepage and other associated image carousels.


SOLUTION: Either disable your ad blocker plugin or add an exception. Instructions below:

If you are using AdBlock for Chrome: While browsing, click the Adblock icon on the top-right-hand side of the browser window:

On the dropdown dialog, choose the option, "Don't run on pages on this domain."

Confirm your selection on the dialog that follows, by selecting "Exclude."

You should now begin to see rotating banners at the top of (note: images may vary from the image below).



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